Affordable Gifts For Him this National Boyfriend Day

September 06, 2021

Affordable Gifts For Him this National Boyfriend Day

National Boyfriend Day is quickly approaching, so why not get him something special? Every year on October 3rd, National Boyfriend Day is observed. This year, surprise your partner with any of these styles from our vast selection of men's jewelry that's both affordable and memorable. If he's a catch, these present ideas will keep him hooked on you. 

Here we've categorized three different styles of jewelry for each type of man, to find something perfect for your special guy: 


1. The Athlete

Whether it's the court, field, or rink, your man has his eyes on the prize. Gift him one of these necklaces to always keep you on his mind. 


Nothin' But Net 

When our focus is on our desire, our dreams, our goals and the very core reason of why we're going for what we want, nothing else seems to matter anymore. Is his goal to conquer the court? Then this necklace is a perfect reminder to keep his eye on the ball. 



Football season is here, and what better way to celebrate his pride by wearing this beautiful titanium steel gold helmet necklace!


Beat 'Em To the Punch

Is he tough on the outside, soft on the inside? Get him these beautiful stainless steal boxing gloves to remind him of you in and out of the rink.



2. The Musician 

Get your creative guy something he'll cherish as he's writing his lyrics (probably about you).


Sing Your Heart Out

The world is only a better place when we allow ourselves to be who we are without judgment, without guilt, and without feeling like we need to hold our voices back. Let him express his inner voice with this necklace! Who knows, he might serenade you in return.  


Hear the Noise

Let him bring out the music, bring out the passion and LIVE IT with this Hip Hop Beats Necklace!  


Musical Lover


Music heals your soul, and allows you to follow the Rhythm of your life! If you're true Music Lovers, this is the perfect pair of necklaces for the both of you!


3. The Swanky

Get him something else to show off besides you while you're out on the town. 


Leader of the Pack

Show your King how much he rules your world with this luxurious necklace, without the cost. 



Does your hubby have a certain favorite past time? Let him 'rep it with this ornate 420 necklace. 


King Leo 

The King of the Jungle is the ruler of his Kingdom. Have him claim power and take his throne with this King Leo's Lion Pendant Necklace!