Old School Cassette Mic Necklace

Live your inner music aloud! 

We all have a passion, a dream, a wish within ourselves that's waiting for us to JUST GO FOR IT, no matter what---no matter the obstacles, no matter the naysayers! 

Bravery doesn't come from fearlessness, it comes from being scared and still go for it anyways! 

Bring out the music, bring out the passion and LIVE IT with this Hip Hop Beats Necklace!  

Shine your light, wear your truths <3

Notes / Specification:

  • Material: High Quality Zinc Alloy.
  • Colors: Gold / Silver 
  • Weight: 120.00 g
  • Chain Length: 31.5 in 
  • Pendant: 3.8 in
  • Please keep in mind that there might be a slight different in colors due to different computer monitor settings :)

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