See Through the Eyes of Love Bracelet

See through the eyes of love, see through the eyes of higher wisdom

Sometimes we live through life with certain perspective and stories in our mind that we tend to see other people or certain situations through the lenses we created based on our experiences. 

There's nothing right or wrong about seeing through the lenses we have in our mind, but sometimes, certain situations happen for a more profound reason than what we allow ourselves to see at the moment. 

"We live our lives forward, but we understand our lives backwards"

Sometimes what we perceive as a challenge or obstacles may be one of the greatest blessings in disguise.

Rise above the human experience and see things from a higher perspective to gain more love, peace, and confidence within yourself and spread the love & light into the world.

Grab these See Through the Eyes of Love Bracelet to serve as a reminder that your heart has all the love and wisdom to solve and go through any situations & create a beautiful life you truly desire.



  • Material: Natural Lave & Agate Stone Beads
  • Color: Black
  • Bracelet Size: 180 mm - 210 mm



  • The size may be a few millimeters different as it was manually measured.
  • Due to high demand, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery
  • Please keep in mind that there might be a slight different in colors due to different computer monitor settings :