There're a lot of voices in this world...

voices like how we should live our lives... voices like.. when you're not skinny then you're not pretty enough, when you don't have a degree you can’t get a decent job or even live a decent life... voices like we should or shouldn't be this way.... or we should or shouldn't have certain things in our lives

Those voices are neither good nor bad

But if we are not conscious enough to filter all these voices... we sometimes allow it to speak louder than what actually ring true to us... and eventually, we are so used to these voices outside of ourselves, we started to believe that these are own voices in our head

You don't have to live other people truths

What may be true for others doesn't necessary have to be true for you.

Listen to your own truth, live it like you own it, because it is who you are, it is YOUR TRUTH, and no matter how far fetch it may be from other people's truth, know that YOUR TRUTH will lead you to a path of true success and happiness beyond measure. 

Shine some light to your truths, they're waiting to be discovered by you :) 


  • Colors: Silver / Gold / Rose Gold
  • Package comes with all 3 colors
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