How willing are you to LET GO so Life can start UNFOLDING beautifully for you?

April 03, 2018

How willing are you to LET GO so Life can start UNFOLDING beautifully for you?

I have a friend, who’s constantly living in fear. Fear of losing the job she hates just so that she doesn’t lose that consistent, stable income that’s barely enough to help her get by every month.

She holds onto the job she hates so tight that she continuously allowing her co-workers and boss to step all over her.

She holds onto what she perceives is good enough for her that she misses out on the joy, the happiness, and infinite possibilities that’s available for her in the whole entire universe.

I’m sharing this because I’ve been there, done that, and went through it myself.

There had been sooo many times that i got myself into the situations, jobs or relationships that i just couldn’t stand anymore, and i was so fearful of the unknown that I’d rather hold on to it than to let it go.

Luckily, I often allowed myself inner voice to speak louder than my logic… (and people often accuse me of being too “naive”) but I just couldn’t stand being in those situations anymore…

my heart started to die… i no longer smile… and the people around me would get effected by my emotions and mood that it starts to create more tension and unhappiness wherever i go. And it’s just a vicious cycle going in circle.

If you’ve talked to people who have been to Sky-Diving, they’ll tell you the most challenging & scary part of the whole experience was BEFORE you jump. But after that, it’s just a fun / joyful / happy experience :)

Same with many things in our lives.

I’ve once heard of Kyle Cease (check out this guy if you don’t know about him, he’s super cool!) said…

“Our brain can only measure what we will lose, it CAN NOT measure what we will gain.”

Our heart has a certain calling, and it loves to explore and live our true authentic selves. But we often allow our brain to kill our heart’s dreams with the “reality” we’ve created for ourselves, and we just get stuck at the phase of “BEFORE” jumping… and believing that’s the “safest” and “best” place to be

So many times I was afraid to quit the job I didn’t enjoy and afraid of losing that “secure” income, but I’d still do it anyways (after enduring so much unhappiness)... and so many times life has proved me wrong… and continuously bringing me new opportunities to experience to learn and to grow from

After quitting so many jobs that I did not enjoy… after soo many trial and error, i am finally now my own boss. The master & creator of my own life… and literally living my dreams that I’ve created and manifested :)

I am so grateful for all the choices/decisions I chose to make, no matter the good or not so good. They all lead me to where I am today.

Now… I’m not saying to just GO QUIT YOUR JOB NOW!!

but i am saying…

LISTEN to your heart

LISTEN to your inner Divine Wisdom

Give yourself a chance to explore

Give yourself an opportunity to live and create the life you want without letting fear being the dominant force of your life.

Let your heart guide you to the infinite possibilities :) and LIVE the impossibles :)

The Universe’s got your back :)

Live FROM your heart, not from your fear.

Shine Your Light, Wear Your Truths,