My Mother's Smile :)

April 03, 2018

My Mother's Smile :)

Growing up, my mom has always been the type to focus most of her love on myself and my brother. She’s the type to continuously give, give, give and often forgets about herself.

I’d never seen her go shopping for clothes or any accessories other than grocery.

I’d never seen her bought anything for herself other than the necessities for the home.

Raising 2 kids all by herself in the United States without knowing much English, I’d never seen her complained nor whined about her pain, EVER. All she really focused on was if she’s got enough to feed her 2 kids…

In my eyes, she’s always been the strongest and toughest woman I’ve ever known.

One year, after opening herself up to a spiritual journey / workshop, she decided she wants to change and live for herself a little more.

She started to go shopping for clothes for herself for the very first time in a VERY, VERY long time. She changed the hair style she’s kept all her life… and most shocking thing… She got her ears pierced! (She was sooo against me having my ears pierced when I was little because of some Chinese superstitious beliefs, i still did it anyways… haha :p)

She started to LIVE LIKE A WOMAN! She started to LIVE FOR HERSELF!

I can not tell you how proud I was for her to have such transformation :)

My mom has never been a very expressive person, no matter happy or angry, her face would always look the same.

I’ve bought her a few pairs of earrings as I was sooo excited to see her look so beautifully with the earrings I hand picked for her. But I’ve noticed that she often just “receives” the earrings and kind of just left it there…

The reason why? Well… She said she’s afraid to “accidentally” poke another hole on her ears by changing to a different earrings… so she’s been afraid to take her current earrings off ever since she got them… 😓😂

So I’ve changed my strategy :D

I’ve noticed many women really like the Precious Love Necklace in our store, Wear Your Truths, and it just felt so right to give her that necklace last Christmas. As the meaning behind this necklace also represents that she’s one of the most precious people in my life :)

Knowing my mom, I didn’t expect her to give me much reaction after giving her the gift.

But a few weeks later, she texted me with the photo I’m showing you here…

And she said “Thank you so much for this necklace you gave me. It matches with almost anything I wear and I wear it almost everyday!”

She also mentioned her coworkers notice her necklace and give her lots of compliments! :D (Can you imagine how proud I feel? Haha :D)

We had a great success last year since building Wear Your Truths. But one of the HAPPIEST things in life isn’t how much money we make, but it’s being able to give something to our loved ones that make them happy and SMILE :)

As Mother’s Day approaches, my greatest joy & wish is to see the smile on every Mother’s face and feel the joy from their heart.

Click the link here to Send The Precious Love to Your Precious Mom <3

Shine Your Light, Wear Your Truths,